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Beholding God’s Word
Beholding God’s Word is teaching the Word of God through short videos with a laser-like focus on the biblical text. These short videos will help viewers behold Christ in the Word of God.

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Experiencing the Bible
Experiencing the Bible are short videos featuring passages from the Bible read dramatically over music and visual images. They will give people an experience of the Bible itself, ushering them into the truth, beauty, and power of God’s word.

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Know Your Bible
Know Your Bible is short videos introducing books of the Bible. These videos give viewers a sense of the structure and major themes of each book – and each one contributes to the unfolding story of Jesus Christ.

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Know Your Theology
Know Your Theology is short videos overviewing biblical and theological themes. These videos introduce these themes, helping viewers trace their biblical trajectory, connect them to practical discipleship, and recognize how they relate to Christ.

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Know Your Christian Heritage
Know Your Christian Heritage is short videos describing heroes of Christian history. These videos will feature music and visuals – and will inspire Christians with stories of how Christ has used ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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What’s Inside?
What’s Inside? will summarize books – both recent and older publications – through short videos. These videos will present the main themes from a book and discuss its relevance to Christian living.

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Questions for Life
Questions for Life allows readers to submit questions related to Christianity. Readers will receive responses in an audio and written format.

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Hymns for Him
Hymns for Him is a repository of hymn-related resources to encourage God’s people and lift Christ high. It will include new Christ-centered hymns, the story of well-known hymns, resources for worship, and collections of hymns for churches

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The Toolbox
The Toolbox is a repository of some of the best discipleship resources from around the globe, translated into Tamil and made available for use in an Indian context.

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